Personal Stylist

Alicia Beth grew up in New York, where as a little girl she spent her summers tearing through the pages of her mom’s Glamour magazines and wearing her high heels around the kitchen. She insists it’s her mom’s fault that she developed such an obsession with heels! Alicia has been styling various fashion shows featuring the work of designers such as Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Jimmy Choo, and Valentino, to name a few. 

"I truly enjoyed Alicia Beth's presentation to the teens at the Rust Library. She was impeccably dressed and even more knowledgable. Her advice (wear clothes that fit, are comfortable, and that are appropriate for whatever situation they find themselves in) was perfect advice for young women trying to find a balance between individuality and fitting in with their peers. She displayed photographs of outfits appropriate for school, work, interviews, and everyday life, and gave money-saving advice on where to find such clothes. Two teens approached Alicia Beth at the end of the program and she was incredibly pleasant, helpful, and encouraging to them both. I would love to have her back for another program in the future." - April after a presentation at Rust Library in Leesburg, VA


"Alicia had quite the challenge when helping me find fashionable work attire. I'm one of those people who practically had to learn how to dress myself all over again. Not only was she patient in helping me find something chic that made me feel fun, but she was also great at finding clothes that flattered my awkward body shape. A+, would go to her again." - Katie