Personal Stylist

"I truly enjoyed Alicia Beth's presentation to the teens at the Rust Library. She was impeccably dressed and even more knowledgable. Her advice (wear clothes that fit, are comfortable, and that are appropriate for whatever situation they find themselves in) was perfect advice for young women trying to find a balance between individuality and fitting in with their peers. She displayed photographs of outfits appropriate for school, work, interviews, and everyday life, and gave money-saving advice on where to find such clothes. Two teens approached Alicia Beth at the end of the program and she was incredibly pleasant, helpful, and encouraging to them both. I would love to have her back for another program in the future." - April after a presentation at Rust Library in Leesburg, VA

"Alicia had quite the challenge when helping me find fashionable work attire. I'm one of those people who practically had to learn how to dress myself all over again. Not only was she patient in helping me find something chic that made me feel fun, but she was also great at finding clothes that flattered my awkward body shape. A+, would go to her again." - Katie

"Alicia knows fashion, but most importantly she knows and responds to her client's needs. I am a working mom who doesn't always have endless time to spend getting ready to go. I am also very tall so I don't wear heels to complete a look. Alicia found me looks that fit my lifestyle and provided valuable fashion tips that give me the confidence to grow my look. I would go back again and again! - Alexa

“Alicia completed a closet audit, pointed out classic styles to keep, and explained why other styles were outdated. She was friendly, diplomatic, punctual, and professional. She helped me rid my closet of a ton of things in less than two hours, and provided suggestions on how to wear other items in my wardrobe. Outstanding service, thank you!!!” – Karen F.
“Alicia was very helpful in guiding me through several stores on my search for a mother of the bride dress. Even though we didn’t find “the” dress, she saved me a lot of time and I now have a better idea of the color and style I need. Thank you, Alicia!” – Cathy R.

“Alicia preformed a closet audit for me. It took just over 2 hours and was a lot of fun. She had a very positive spirit and was enjoyable to work with. Alicia also provided me with a list of potential outfits, as well as pieces to shop for that would enhance my wardrobe.” -  Leslie M.